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Director, International Committee Chair, Member of the Executive Committee

The National Marine Educators Association (NMEA) is a dedicated, influential, member-based organization of marine education leaders, classroom teachers, informal educators, university professors and scientists from around the world working together to advance the understanding and protection of marine and freshwater ecosystems.

In 2015, I became the first Director elected to the NMEA Board from outside North America. 

In 2017, I was appointed Chair of the NMEA International Committee.

In 2019, I was invited onto the NMEA Executive Committee.

Co-founder and Director

In 2011, inspired by the example of NMEA,  Fiona Crouch(Marine Biological Association), Evy Copejans (Flanders Marine Institute), and I co-founded the European Marine Science Educators Association (EMSEA). EMSEA is a non-profit organisation committed to promoting ocean literacy in Europe.


Member of the Advisory Board

Since 2018, I serve as Advisor for the Asia Marine Educators Association (AMEA). AMEA was established in 2015. The goal of AMEA is to promote marine education and ocean literacy among Asian citizens. Asian members of the ocean literacy community advocate to create a marine educators association in order to produce and disseminate marine education resources throughout Asia. Because it is so multi-cultural, Asia needs special resources tailored to its particular characteristics. Sharing resources will provide an opportunity for marine educators to connect with their colleagues network.

The 130 attendees of the 2nd EMSEA conference

The 130 attendees of the 2nd EMSEA conference

Conference Chair

In 2014, I had the honor to chair and host the Second EMSEA conference at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden.

Swedish representative

Between 2010 and 2016, I served as Swedish representative to the European Marine Board Communications Panel (EMBCP) .The EMBCP provides a pan-European platform for marine science communicators to promote Marine Board activities, to coordinate outreach activities, and to advocate for ocean literacy.

Advisory Board Member

Between 2013 and 2016, I served as member of the Advisory Board at the public aquarium Havets Hus in Lysekil Sweden. This board contributes ideas and knowledge from the world of research and education to advance the mission of the aquarium.